The content marketer’s guide to universal content domination

So, what’s the status quo on global content creation? 

Despite the fact we all consume global content on a daily basis, reaching new customers in unknown markets remains a barrier. When it comes to content, what is relevant in one region may be completely irrelevant for another. 

So how are companies overcoming this challenge? 

In a recent research project carried out in association with B2B Marketing, we surveyed over 200 marketers to find out how they rate their ability to 'go global' with content and explored what it takes to get it right. 

Download this free guide to find out: 

  • How you compare to your peers when considering localization 
  • The advantages of content localization, including increased engagement and higher ROI 
  • What holds content marketers back when it comes to localizing content 
  • The most common localization glitches made by both B2B and B2C brands around the world 
  • How to overcome these localization pitfalls 
  • Five ways to improve your content for foreign markets 
  • Seven questions to ask when comparing quotes from language service providers